Communiques from Russia: The “Asbestos Workers” Version

It’s been quite the past few weeks and months for communiques from Russia. The newest one relevant to this blog is a November 14, 2016 press release purportedly arising from a meeting in Moscow involving “asbestos workers” meeting as to chrysotile fibers. One part of it states:

“The Russian delegation led by Andrey Kholzakov, the Chairman of the International Alliance of Trade Union Organizations Chrysotile. Boris Soshenko, the Chairman of the Russian Trade Union of Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers, acted as the event organizer. The event was attended by delegates from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and India. The Anniversary Meeting took place within the framework of the Chrysotile and Occupational Health Conference which took place in Moscow on November 7-9. During the sessions, the event participants discussed the future of the global chrysotile industry and a number of issues related to the production and use of chrysotile cement products in the domestic and international markets.”

It’s an amazing world out there.


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