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Chicago-Area Failure of Verizon’s Vaunted Data Network – As the Saying Goes, Verizon Suc

There is a wide gulf between Verizon’s service claims and reality. The latest example is today’s more or less complete failure of data service in Chicago. According to employees at the Verizon store in Ogilvie Station in Chicago, numerous customers have complained that they could not receive any data, and so Verizon’s data network has failed across the Chicago area. That of course explains why my Iphone could not send or receive even one email this morning between 6:25 and 7:20. A quick Google search indicates other regions of the country also have had various recent Verizon failures, including Philadelphia and Virginia. Where are the regulators – where are fines and automatic service credits for failure?

Joan Lappin’s new article in Forbes puts it well. She says that shareholders love Verizon’s dividend, but customers despise the company because it’s service stinks. She closes with the following – I agree:

"One wonders what has happened to the Public Service Commissions across the country. Nobody seems to regulate these people. It probably doesn’t matter if you pick Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, or any other large cable or telephone operator. They all have awful service. They all charge a lot and they all use call centers with people for whom the job is a paycheck. It’s like any large enterprise. Occasionally you get someone on the phone who would actually like to help you after they get through with the “empathy” part of the call. Those will actually call you back when they say they will or even issue a credit for all your aggravation.

It also makes one wonder if VZ is really a worthy investment. The dividend might be good but the management couldn’t be worse."

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