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CDG Wins For the Third Straight Time Against One Recalcitrant Insurer

A brief self-promotional note for Childress Duffy Goldblatt. Yesterday my partner Mike Duffy and his trial team won a first party insurance property damage verdict for $2.85 million after allowing for the deductible. This is the third recent seven-figure trial verdict against the same recalcitrant insurer that refuses to pay fair values to its insureds. You may recall this prior post regarding that situation; the following is the key excerpt from an interview of my partner Mike Childress.

“We tried a seven-figure case last year after the insurance lawyer said that, if he could not win that particular trial, he should just return the rest of the files involving claims against that insurer. We have twelve cases against that same insurer, all of which involve the same type of loss. Our client won full damages at trial, but the insurer is still refusing to settle the remaining cases. In fact, it is the second case we have tried against this insurer and won. So, we will try the rest of the cases.”

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