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CapitalOne Credit Cards – Terrible Customer Service Reaches a New Low

Update on Capital One

Set out below is my quick rant about lousy service by the credit card giant, Capital One. As I expected, Capital One never has bothered to contact me to confirm that it closed the account, as I had requested.

Capital One’s latest failure came to mind when I saw this Dealbook article about Capital One claiming to offer great, transparent to its customers. However, other views of CapitalOne alos were expressed, including Capitol Hill testimony about for predatory lending practices for persons with subprime credit ratings.

“Is the Federal Reserve really prepared to turn a blind eye again and watch a new subprime crisis unfold?” Ed Gorman, chief membership officer at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, said in written testimony to the Fed, which hosted the third and final public hearing to scrutinize the deal. “Capital One’s risky and subprime credit cards generate stellar earnings three times the size of their asset base through predatory interest rates, questionable fees and confusing terms.”

That is not the case, Capital One’s lawyers say.

“Our products are the most customer-friendly and transparent in the industry,” John Finneran, Capital One’s general counsel, told the Fed. “Given the size of this market, responsible lending to these borrowers is not only acceptable, but also provides a source of credit and purchasing power for these customers, and is thus necessary to the functioning of our economy.”

Still, Mr. Finneran acknowledged that about a third of Capital One’s credit card portfolio carries the subprime label, defined as loans to borrowers with credit scores below 660. The bank also has a heavy hand in the subprime car loan business.


Like all of us, I’ve dealt with more than a few idiotic business organizations that lack any semblance of real customer service. Today a new low was reached. In my opinion, Capital One may be the worst customer service company I’ve ever encountered. So, I decided to write.

What happened? I tried to cancel a credit card account I’ve never used. I’ve tried to cancel this account a few times, but the account refuses to dies because CapitalOne never honored my prior requests to cancel the account, and so I keep getting statements. As detailed below, it took 22 minutes to obtain an address to which I can mail my latest cancellation request.

According to the monthly statement, a card owner can cancel by phone or in writing. But the statement does not provide an email address or snail mail address. So, my secretary called to get an address. The "customer service" representative refused to provide an address.

Needless to say, that did not sit well. So, I called the phone number listed on my statement. I spoke first to WER294. He could not provide an address. He kept putting me on "1-2 minute holds" so that he could connect with someone who could provide an address. After 16 minutes on hold (timed on my phone) we finally reached KDR027. He too could not provide an address, and also needed to transfer me to a supervisor. At the 21 minute mark, I reached finally reach LInda – MYE939, and she provided the address below.

Care to bet on whether CapitalOne actually honors this request to cancel ?

To cancel a credit card account with CapitalOne, the address provided to me is:

CapitalOne – General Correspondence

PO Box 30285

Salt Lake City, Utah 84130

To use a well-known form of expression: CapitalOne Sucks !!


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