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Call for Papers from Cambridge Journals for New Publication: Transnational Environmental Law

Here’s a promotional plug for a new, global law journal focused on environmental law. The information below is online here.


New in 2012


Editors in Chief

Dr Veerle Heyvaert, LSE

Mr Thijs Etty, VU University Amsterdam


Professor Daniel Farber, UC Berkeley

Professor Joanne Scott, UCL

Dr Cinnamon Carlarne, University of South


Ms Jolene Lin, Hong Kong University

Transnational Environmental Law (TEL) is a peer-reviewed journal that will be launched by

Cambridge University Press in 2012. TEL is dedicated to the study of environmental law and

governance beyond the state. It approaches legal and regulatory developments with an interest

in the contribution of non-state actors and an awareness of the multi-level governance context in

which contemporary environmental law unfolds.

TEL offers a forum for rigorous analysis and discussion of the impacts of globalization on

complex environmental risks and norms. It welcomes scholarship that enriches our understanding

of contemporary environmental law through comparative and cutting-edge interdisciplinary

analysis. TEL’s scope is broadly conceived in terms of disciplinary focus: its pages are open to

scholarly contributions covering a wide range of environmental issues, including climate change,

biodiversity, emerging technologies, industrial pollution and waste management. TEL also

promotes the exploration of the evolving dynamics between environmental law and other legal

disciplines (including but not limited to trade and competition law, financial law, and human


TEL is strongly committed to supporting environmental legal scholarship across geographical

boundaries and generations; it warmly encourages participation by young and emerging talents

from across the globe. TEL seeks to foster innovative synergies between different scholarly styles

and traditions, and strives for the development of a new generation of environmental scholarship

that will bridge existing divides, including notably the divide between North American and

European approaches to environmental law scholarship. In the same spirit, TEL encourages the

integration of theoretical and practical legal perspectives on current environmental issues, and

aims to deliver scholarship of high salience to academics and practitioners alike.

To appear in the inaugural issue, contributions should be submitted at the very latest

by 1 September 2011



TEL warmly invites new work on topics within the scope of the journal from scholars, lawyers and

professionals active in fields related to environmental law and governance. Authors may also

contact the editors with (detailed) proposals for planned articles. All contributions in the journal

are peer-reviewed (double-blind). Consideration will be given only to original works that have not

been previously published and that have not been submitted for simultaneous consideration

elsewhere. Works previously released as academic working papers may be accepted by the

Editors, provided that such publication is clearly acknowledged upon submission of the paper for

consideration to TEL.

Documents should be submitted in electronic format to either Thijs Etty (

and/or Veerle Heyvaert ( TEL publications have an expected length of

10,000 words for standard-length articles, 6,000 words for commentaries and case notes, and

2,000 words for book reviews. Prior to submitting their work, authors are advised to refer to the

Instructions for contributors (including house style, referencing format, and additional guidance),

available from the TEL journal website at:

All submitted articles, commentaries, case notes and unsolicited book reviews will be fully peerreviewed, and will be evaluated on:

· Originality

· Analytical thoroughness

· Affinity with the mission and scope of the journal

· Conformity with the highest standard of scholarly presentation

No preference shall be given to submissions in respect of the professional rank or affiliation of

the author. Submissions from younger scholars and authors in developing and newly developed

countries are warmly encouraged.

TEL will respect a turn-around time of under 6 weeks between receipt of the manuscript and

notification of acceptance, rejection or need for revision. All accepted work will be scheduled for

publication in print and online. To reduce time between acceptance and publication articles will

appear online as FirstView publications in advance of their scheduled publication in print. As a

rule, contributions will be published chronologically in accordance with the date of their original

submission, although exceptions may be made to foster thematic cohesion or balanced coverage

within individual issues.

For further information about TEL and its editorial and advisory boards, detailed instructions for

authors, and to sign up for content alerts, please visit the TEL journal website at:

All inquiries or correspondence related to TEL should be addressed to the Editors-in-Chief:

Thijs Etty

VU University Amsterdam

Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)

Transnational Legal Studies Department

De Boelelaan 1087

1081 HV – Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Veerle Heyvaert


Department of Law

Houghton Street



United Kingdom


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