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Building Group Donates $400k (AU) to Mesothelioma Research

With a hat tip to Laurie Kazan-Allen, note that a group of Australian construction industry interests donated $400k (AU) for mesothelioma research at Australia’s National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases. NCARD is highly-regarded and frequently publishes its data in a range of peer-reviewed publications. One wonders when we will start seeing significant mesothelioma research contributions by asbestos bankruptcy trusts, American industry, and the insurance industry.

As to Australia, the article states:

"Adonation of $400,000 to the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases will help fund genomic research into the fatal disease mesothelioma.

The money was provided by the HIA Charitable Foundation with a ceremony at the HIA office in Perth, recognising its significance.

“Asbestos related disease has already taken a significant toll on members of the building industry and the wider community,’’ said HIA spokesman Greg Weller. ‘’With the latent nature of mesothelioma it can be expected that the problem will be with us into the future.’’

The funds will support a research project to identify genetic changes that occur in a sequence of DNA where the cancer is present. Identifying changes in specific genes is the first step towards developing treatments for patients.

This cutting edge work will be undertaken jointly by NCARD and the Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics.

The donation comprises $375,000 sourced by the Foundation and includes generous contributions from West Australian philanthropists Dale and Jan Alcock, and building group Alcock Brown Neaves, of which Dale is managing director. A further $25,000 was donated by WA Charity Direct.

“Funding research into the disease has been one of the highest priorities for the HIA Charitable Foundation since its formation,’’ said Weller. ‘’It is also recognised that because genomic research is very expensive, private sector donations such as this are essential.’’

HIA staff and the association’s members held fundraising activities and events throughout the year to raise money for the cause, Weller said. “Today’s presentation shows the way for all in the building industry to generously support the HIA Charitable Foundation and its endeavours.”

To find out more about the HIA Charitable Foundation or to contribute visit or call 07 3021 8813."

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