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Big Tobacco and California Republican Party Spend Heavily to Oppose New California Tobacco Tax to Fu

California’s Proposition 29 is a proposal to implement a $1.00 per pack increase in the price of cigarettes (and equivalent increase on other tobacco products) to fund research into cancer and tobacco-related diseases as well as prevention and education programs. The issues goes to the ballot box during California’s June 5 primary.

Maplight has compiled numbers on contributed funds, and puts big tobacco’s contributions at over $ 40 million. Maplight finds a $1.4 million in contributions from the California Republican Party. Maplight’s collected data is here.

The good guys, in contrast, have far less funding at about $ 11.7 million, mainly from the American Cancer Society and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation, and a $ 500,000 contribution from New York’s Mayor Bloomberg.


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