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BEWARE of STUB HUB (Tickets they sold were duplicates)

 A word of warning regarding Stub Hub.  In short, the company has failed to put in place systems to block fraudsters from using online systems to create false or multiple sales of the same tickets. So I  learned when my girlfriend and I showed up for a Book of Mormon performance this weekend in Chicago. We were refused entry on our (expensive) tickets. Someone else had purchased the same seats. The other people apparently got in but we did not because we arrived after they did. We also were not offered any other seats, so we missed the show. We did receive a refund of what I paid.

In sum, like so many businesses today, Stub Hub has failed to invest enough to block fraud, and instead simply shifts the risk to consumers. One wonders what they do – or do not do – about prosecuting fraudsters.

For more specifics on its failure, see this review of Stub Hub, with links to other critiques.

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