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Asbestos Litigation Conference – Asbestos Bankruptcies, Chrysler, GM, and Others

In light of this morning’s news from the General Motors chapter 11 case, and emails landing in my inbox of late, this seems an apt time to mention that the recession, chapter 11 cases and asbestos litigation are all intersecting at upcoming asbestos litigation conferences.

For one, Perrin Conferences is hosting a September 14-16 asbestos litigation conference in San Francisco. In a nod to the recession and slashed corporate budgets, Perrin Conferences is offering free registration to inside corporate lawyers. Go here for the agenda.

The entire conference looks excellent for both substance and speakers. My eye was particularly caught by the seminar’s day three panel on chapter 11 cases related to asbestos claims. Who knows what the world will look like by then, but for now, the panel is top notch:

9:00 AM – Asbestos Bankruptcy: New Filings, Confirmations & Dismissals

Overview of the current Chapter 11 asbestos bankruptcy landscape, Part I: Why are these companies still in bankruptcy?

Overview of the current Chapter 11 asbestos bankruptcy landscape, Part II: Who are these new filers and how are they doing?

Overview of the asbestos trust process, the Three “C’s”: Claims, Contribution and Cooperation Will there be any defendants left? The automotive industry and bankruptcy

Joseph F. Rice, Esq., Motley Rice LLC, Mount Pleasant, SC Charles Mullin, Litigation Resolution Group LLC, Washington, DC Robert Phillips, Esq., SimonsCooper, LLC, East Alton, IL Lucy P. Allen, SVP, Mass Torts and Product Liability Chair, NERA Economic Consulting, New York, NY

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