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“Asbestos Disaster” – The Title for a Massive New Book on Asbestos Use in Japan

Japan – not the place one thinks of as hotbed for asbestos use and litigation. But, in fact, asbestos was heavily used as Japan rebuilt after the war. Today people are dying because of that past use. Much of that story, and more, apparently is told in a new book aimed at detailing events in Japan, and helping developing countries avoid our past mistakes. The book is:

Asbestos Disaster: Lessons from Japan’s Experience by Kenichi Miyamoto, Morinaga Kenji, and Mori Hiroyuki

Google Reader includes the book, and is a good place to read the wide-ranging table of contents for this book of over 300 pages. The book looks good (given the subject matter) but at $ 190.00, I’ve not yet ordered a copy. One chapter appears to be online here as a paper.

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