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Asbestos Awareness and Asbestos Ban in Dubai

An article here describes a construction group in Dubai trying to raise consciousness regarding asbestos in building projects. This type of activity was what the US went through in the mid to late 1980s, and it spawned tort litigation seeking to recover the costs of coping with asbestos regulations. According to the article:

“By volume, there is more asbestos here than in the UK. The asbestos here is different to what you find back in the UK. It is usually asbestos cement and is classified as a lower risk. There is also legislation but it did not come into effect till 2006 and there is low awareness and a possibility that it is present in projects before that period. Besides, the current law only applies to asbestos boards. So it is legal to use water pipes for water supplies and sewage,” said Faulkner. “Hence we are working with Build Safe UAE to create greater awareness among the 90 signatories of BSU.”

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