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Article Summarizing the Status of Televised Proceedings in Supreme Courts Aroud the World

It ‘s Independence Day for those of us in the US. This seems a good day tor a post on transparency and televsion in Supreme Court’s around the world.

Stimulated by confirmation hearings in the US, here’s an interesting National Law Journal article by Aaron S. Bayer that summarizes the status of television use in various supreme courts around the world. Mr. Bayer is a well-known US appellate lawyer.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day in the US, the small excerpt set out below seemed especially striking as to the positive value of transparency in government;

"Finally, the Supreme Court of Namibia recently made history, allowing TV coverage of an argument in the court for the first time. The case involved a challenge by several opposition parties to the outcome of the general elections to Namibia’s National Assembly. The entire proceeding before the Supreme Court on May 31 was broadcast live on TV and radio"

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