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And They’re Off – Another Asbestos Trial in Madison County

Some smart lawyers I know said "for asbestos litigation, 2014 will be the year of the trial lawyer." Their observation was based on the ever-increasing number of trial starts and verdicts across the country.

Some evidence supporting their observation seems to lie in a second Madison County asbestos trial starting in less than two months. Like the last trial, this one involves Jeff Hebrank, a long-time leader for the defense in Madison County. The plaintiff’s firm is Shrader & Associates, with Frank Wathen doing the opening. It’s a mesothelioma case in a long-time Navy man. Judge Stobbs is trying the case – he certainly is quickly getting to know asbestos litigation up close and personal.

Legal Newsline has a reporter covering the trial, Heather Isringhausen Gvillo. The first days are reported here (Wednesday) and here (Thursday) in useful detail. Among other things, Ms. Gvillo’s article about Wednesday reported that Judge Stobbs denied a sole proximate cause/Lipke motion by plaintiffs.

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