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An Update on Asbestos Defendants Failure to Look at and Invest in Science

For years, I’ve been barking about the failure of asbestos defendants to look at and invest in science related to asbestos disease. Now, Joseph Welter of Goldberg Segalla has acknowledged at least part of the problem in an October 19, 2015 blog post. Unfortunately for defendants, the issues go far beyond the topics described in Laura Hong’s recent paper on lung cancer claiming, cited by Mr. Welter. For example, see this 2015 GlobalTort post on Medicare paying for low-dose CT scans for lung cancer, this December 2014 GlobalTort post on plaques and lung cancer, this 2011 GlobalTort post on lung cancer claiming, this 2009 GlobalTort post on my gut feeling that lung cancer claiming was rising, and this 2005 testimony by Dr. Charles Bates to Congress regarding lung cancers and the so-called FAIR Act.  There also are other more serious problems for defendants as to lung cancer. Science does matter.

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