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American Express – Will It Ever Use Operate with Quality Control and Avoid Wasting Customer Ti

I am continually stunned by the inept behavior of American Express, and its failure to use quality control. I care because its stupidity creates continuing wastes of time. So, I vent.

Examples? Let’s start with the cards. Who is the genius (sarcasm intended) who created Platinum cards with the Amex centurion logo printed across the front card numbers, making the numbers hard to read, especially for any typical person of 55 with bad eyes for near vision.

Next? My law firm’s mailing address. Our last Amex bill barely made it to us in the mail. Why? Because the printers used by Amex decided to leave out the last two letters of Erie. If our street name were 40 characters ling, I might understand the problem. But good old Erie is only 4. Thanks to a postal worker with a brain, the bill did arrive, but … So, net of all, the much maligned postal service is doing better than American Express.

I will spare you endless stories of all the time my secretary has had to waste managing the accounts and passwords on the Amex web site.

Will American Express ever use decent quality control and thinking ? I’m betting against it.

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