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Aiding and Abetting Liability Debated and Briefed in the 9th Circuit in Doe v. Nestle

OpinioJuris includes three posts on corporate aiding and abetting liability in the context of an appeal to the Ninth Circuit in Doe vs. Nestlé. One post links to and previews an amicus brief written by various law professors for the National Association of Manufacturers. They are Professors Samuel Estreicher, John McGinnis, Michael Ramsey, Mark Weisburd, Ernest Young and Julian Ku. That brief of course opposes any “extension” of corporate liability. Two other posts – here (disagrees with reliance on Visaljavic) and here (disagrees with reliance on Rome Statute) – are by Kevin Jon Heller, and contradict the legal arguments advanced by NAM. As frequent readers may recall, Mr. Heller’s views were noted before on GlobalTort – here and here. It will interesting to see the outcome.

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