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ACI’s 22nd Asbestos Claims & Litigation Forum

ACI’s 22nd Asbestos Claims & Litigation forum, January 12-13 at the Union League of Philadelphia, is an event where law, science, and medicine will intersect to provide practitioners with more clarity and certainty with respect to pressing issues in the asbestos litigation industry.

Top reasons to join this year’s conference: 1.    New sessions have been added to tailor to your practice: Ø Uptick in Talc Cases: Litigating Cases Involving Cosmetic and Industrial Talc and Explaining the Rise in Ovarian Cancer Claims – View Details Ø Correlation Between Lung Cancer and Asbestos – View Details Ø Medicare Language Releases: How to Construct One, Settlement Documents, Liens, and Statutory Fines for Failing to Comply – View Details 2.    In-House speakers will discuss strategy, best practices, settlement negotiations, and case management. Click here to view full list of speakers. 3.    You will gain invaluable networking opportunities with in house counsel and learn from top jurists and leading law firms in the country. The medical professionals speaking at this conference will connect the law and science and provide the details and nuances so you can strengthen your case and benchmark your strategies. REGISTER TODAY to ensure your place by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration form to 877-927-1563 or registering online.  Global Tort readers receive 15% off current registration rates with Code: B00-843-XXXX.

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