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“ACI’s 18th Asbestos Claims & Litigation forum … is the highest-level event wh

It’s delightful  (and sort of flattering) that ACI is now aggressively presenting and marketing its asbestos litigation seminars based on inclusion of scientific experts, and is now explicitly talking about the intersections between law, science and medicine. The agenda is here for the January 15-16 seminar in Philadelphia.  Happily, that is a key area of focus as researchers take us all even more quickly into molecular analysis of disease.   The agenda includes the following speakers on science:

“Featuring unparalleled medical insights from:

* Charles Weaver, III, Ph.D., Baylor University * David B. Sicilia, Ph.D., University of Maryland * Rachel P. Maines, Ph.D., Cornell University * Faris Farassati, Ph.D., Pharm.D., Univ. of Kansas Medical Center * David Egilman MD, MPH, Brown University * Arthur L. Frank, MD, Ph.D., Drexel University * Tom Hesterburg, Ph.D., MBA, CTEH * Bryan D. Hardin, Ph.D., ATS, Veritox, Inc.


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