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ABA Mass Tort Committee Provides A Flexible Forum for Getting Further Involved in Global Tort Issues

About the time I finished the post below on global choice of law issues, I received an email from the American Bar Association’s Mass Tort Committee inviting new ideas, and new members of course are always welcome. The group is a good one, and includes a subgroup focused in international mass tort issues. So, if you are looking for a forum to get further involved in global tort litigation, go the committee’s website or follow up with the committee chairs, who are shown on the email text pasted below.

The following is the full text of the email mentioned above ______________________________________________________________ Dear Committee Members: Strategic planning allows any group, including the Mass Torts Committee, to focus on what matters to its members and what benefits them. This is a relatively young committee and it is time to revisit what the Committee delivers to its members in terms of useful information in their practices and in terms of opportunities to participate and network. One of the initiatives under consideration is revisiting the subcommittee structure. As you know, we have subcommittees that are directed to committee products and process (newsletters, website, programming, hot topics, young lawyers and membership). We also have subcommittees directed to specific substantive areas (international, class actions, pharmaceutical & medical device and toxic torts). Some of the substantive areas mirror the topics covered by other Section of Litigation committees and other organizations that we all belong to in one combination or another. One consideration here is revisiting subcommittee structure to put in place (along with the substantive area subcommittees) a focus on handling of mass tort litigation as a matter of process – not organized along substantive areas of law. That could include such things as case management, evidence and procedure, experts, etc. We would like to get your feedback on that concept and your thoughts as to what particular topic areas might be appropriate for such additional subcommittees, so please e-mail your thoughts to either or both of us. Thank you, John Manard manardj@phelps.com Byron Mason byron.mason@bakerd.com Mass Torts Litigation Committee Co-Chairs

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