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A New Job – Working for Comcast for Nothing – Another Lousy Service Company

My daughters and I now work for Comcast, apparently. Every day my daughters or I get to reset the internet modem at my house. And, that’s after I tasked my eldest daughter with standing in line a couple of weeks ago to obtain a new internet modem to replace the prior modem which failed even more frequently.

It’s disgusting to observe and feel Comcast’s failure to provide anything close to quality service. It’s also a testament to the lawyers or others who managed to create a quasi-monopoly clever enough to escape any effective regulation at either the state or federal level. Comcast’s lousy service also makes it harder to accept the attractive but apparently illusory claim that consumer service businesses do not require regulation because they must serve customers well in order to stay in business.

I’ll forever vote for and contribute to the campaign of the first politician to lead a successful effort to effectively regulate Comcast . One suggestion ? Require Comcast to automatically credit an account $ 5 every time a reset is required after service fails, and require it to automatically issue significant credits after widespread service failures. There needs to be a cost to Comcast for lousy service. Until it has to pay for failure, Comcast will keep externalizing the cost via turning my daughters and me into its unpaid tech personnel.

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