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A New Adventure – Joining Gnarus Advisors – a National Consulting Firm Focused on Mass T

A new adventure is underway in my life. I’ve joined a wonderful group of non-lawyer experts at a national consulting firm known as Gnarus Advisors. The firm was founded by Steve Sellick, an asbestos expert for many quantitative issues, such as modeling claims for many reasons. Steve and I have worked together for years and he is a friend. Over the last four years, Steve has created a national counsulting firm with 40 non-lawyer professionals who are all highly expert (and degreed) in most phases of dealing strategically and analytically with mass tort and environmental claims.

I’m very pleased to join this group – Gnarus has an unmatched breadth and depth of experience. Our hope is that we can work with companies to help them see across all the usual informational and decision-making silos that tend to block unified and forward looking management. We also hope to help clients understand why repetitive claims should just be turned over blindly to an insurer, and to consider creative options. We expect to point clients to outside lawyers who can help them upgrade their defensive and offensive strategies, and we hope to team with a client’s corporate counsel to help them look further down the line. The press release below is online here.

ARLINGTON, Va., July 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Gnarus Advisors LLC (Gnarus), a leading consulting firm specializing in expert analysis, litigation testimony and business advisory, announced today that the company has opened an office in Chicago. The expansion into the Midwest continues Gnarus’ overall strategy of providing broader and deeper levels of expertise for its clients across the country.

Founded in 2007 by Managing Director Stephen Sellick, Gnarus now has more than 40 highly experienced consultants throughout the country. In addition to the new office in Chicago, Gnarus operates from its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and additional offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California.

"The launch of our new office in Chicago extends our geographic presence and provides a strong complement to our existing offices," Sellick said. "Our Midwest expansion includes the addition of a new Director who significantly enhances the depth of our expertise in key areas."

Kirk Hartley joins the firm as a Director to lead the Chicago office operations with a base of nearly 30 years of experience in mass torts, asbestos and environmental issues arising inside and outside of the United States. Hartley’s practice at Gnarus will focus on assignments in the growing and changing intersections between science, tort law, corporate law, and insurance. His experience also includes the increasing use of bankruptcies, schemes of arrangement, and corporate use of dedicated funds (or trusts) to resolve or limit underlying contingent liability claims.

"Kirk’s expertise in all phases of environmental, asbestos and mass tort claims extends significantly the scope of our expertise in those areas," Sellick said. "We also are pleased to add to Gnarus’ knowledge of claims arising overseas because asbestos use and injuries are increasing around the globe, with asbestos-related deaths in Europe still many years short of peaks predicted by researchers."

Gnarus also announced today the addition of Eric Kirschner as a Principal at the firm. Kirschner will be based at Gnarus headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and brings more than 20 years of experience in asbestos, pollution and health hazard (APH) insurance claim analysis and recovery. He has spent time both as a consultant designing, developing and programming numerous financial models and data structures to facilitate APH insurance recovery and as an attorney litigating APH claims. His unique blend of skills and experience deepens Gnarus’ ability to help clients efficiently distill the key pieces of litigation management information out of vast amounts of data, and to make forward-looking decisions based on the needed data. Kirschner’s expertise and blends of skills also are frequently put to work in the context of insurance claim recovery matters.

"Kirk and Eric are experts in their fields and bring decades of experience to our clients," Sellick said. "I’ve known and worked with both of them for many years, and they’ve worked together on past projects. I’m very excited to welcome them to Gnarus as colleagues."

Gnarus has quickly established itself as a leader in the consulting industry. For more information about Gnarus Advisors LLC, the company’s team of experts and consultants, and the scope of consulting services that Gnarus provides, please visit

About Gnarus Advisors LLC

Corporations, government agencies and law firms call upon Gnarus Advisors LLC to take on the challenges that arise from litigation, regulation and other sources of risk and uncertainty. Gnarus combines thorough economic analysis and advanced financial modeling with scientific and technical expertise to provide its clients with the resources and support they need across a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines. Gnarus experts and consultants are adept at solving complex business problems, identifying and mitigating risk, and supporting litigation efforts through in-depth research, analysis and quantitative modeling. The Gnarus team is comprised of hard working, experienced individuals who are recognized as leaders in their fields and bring years of academic, governmental and corporate experience to every client the company advises. For more information, please visit:

SOURCE Gnarus Advisors LLC


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