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A Brief Rant About Fidelity’s Web Site Failures for 401(k) Accounts

The Obamacare web site looks great when compared to Fidelity’s web site. Not once but twice, Fidelity’s computer systems have failed and destroyed my newly-created 401(k) account. Once was by phone – a month or so ago. Fidelity’s person did the account creation from information I gave them by phone. They claimed the account was all set up, but it never could be activated and disappeared despite various emails to "the help desk."

Tonight I went online and created a new account myself via online tools. So, I did the busy work. But, once again, the system failed – this time it threw up an error message when I reached the section for creating a username and password. And so the account was gone. No account, no nada. But Fidelity did still send an email assuring me that I now have an account, and welcoming me to Fidelity.

Fidelity apparently has joined CapitalOne in the race to the bottom among financial service entities. Apparently I also now know why Fidelity’s customer agreement includes a waiver of class action rights.

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