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150 Cases Involving Lorillard’s Kent Micronite Filters with Crocidolite Fibers

A new Mother Jones article by Myron Levin provides a cogent summary of the Kent filter story, with links to some interesting old ads run by big tobacco and some other source documents. Claiming against Lorillard seems to be increasing; according to the article:

"While there’s no official count, records and interviews suggest that mesothelioma claims since the 1980s number in the low hundreds at least. Lorillard’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission show that it settled 90 cases during a recent period of just over two years, and that another 60 are still pending. Lorillard officials did not reply to emails and calls for this story, and H&V declined interview requests—company lawyer Andrew McElaney did, however, point out that the companies have won most of the cases that went to trial."

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