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$ 1 Billion Class Action Suit for Mexican Investors Invokes Aiding + Abetting Claim Against Stanford

The AmLaw blog post here describes and includes a link to a newly filed complaint that seeks $ 1 billion and a class action for Mexican investors hurt by the Stanford ponzi scheme. The complaint invokes aiding and abetting claims against Willis and an insurance broker. Of note, the complaint was not filed by a typical class action firm and instead was filed by Strasburger & Price, an old-line and full-service Texas law firm typically aligned with corporate interests that some might think would indicate the firm would not file a class action suit. According to the article:

“The complaint states that the defendants gave Stanford Financial “safety and soundness” letters designed to help it market its investments. “Willis and BMB crossed the line from being mere insurance brokers for the Stanford Financial Group,” the complaint alleges. “In creating and submitting these letters into the stream of commerce, [the defendants] actively and materially aided Stanford Financial to perpetrate the massive Ponzi scheme now alleged by the SEC.”

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