Fact patterns matter greatly, especially if lawyers sit back and think creatively. In Illinois, a trial court recently received a fact pattern that required it to assess the claims that arose from two family members working for the same asbestos insulation business. The fact pattern involve a father and son, and the son developed a

Workplace deaths and injuries are increasingly in focus for many reasons. For one, cancer strikes 1 in 2 US males and 1 in 3 females, and workplace exposures do cause some cancers and other diseases. Second, thanks to great new molecular science, it’s increasingly clear that genetic variability among individuals is very real, and risk

A Swiss media article describes significant media and partisan attention focused on the first day of trial in an asbestos-related criminal prosecution of former owners and managers of Eternit businesses that for decades were global manufacturers of asbestos-cement board, among many asbestos products. Hundreds of people are said to have gathered for the first day

An article in today’s (Nashville) Tennessean newspaper reveals that the worker’s compensation liabilities of the state’s bankrupt Tennessee Restaurant Association self-insurance fund are being transferred to a small, unrated insurance carrier. The recipient of the transfer, Brentwood National Insurance Company, is heavily criticized by former participants in the self-insurance fund as being “unrated”. Former participants