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W.R. Grace, Solvency Findings, Asbestos Liability Estimates, and Injunctions that Bind Others

Posted in Asbestos Bankruptcy, Constitutional Law/Mass Tort Law, W.R. Grace

Today’s post follows up on this August 13 post regarding asbestos plaintiff’s lawyers asking the Court to order the rest of the world not give any effect to whatever the Court finds on Grace’s solvency, and item 4 of this prior post of May 12 regarding Nobel prize winner James Heckman’s expert report in Grace… Continue Reading

Grace Libby Trial

Posted in Asbestos, W.R. Grace

U.S. v. W.R. Grace trial started February 19 in Missoula MT. The WSJ Law Blog notes that the case seems to be flying under the radar without a lot of news coverage. The WSJ Law Blog also provides a link to a great resource about the trial – the Grace Case blog, a joint project… Continue Reading