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Major Bankers and Financiers, Litigation and “Litigation Reform”

Posted in 2008-09 Financial Fiascos, Fraud, Litigation "Reform", Litigation Funding. Litigation Industry, Undisclosed Financial Relationships

 With today being a holiday in the US for Dr. King’s birthday, I decided to take a holiday on the usual torts in favor of a little excursis on bankers, litigation and “litigation reform.” The main point? Recent events exemplify why some but not all of the “litigation crises” in the financial sector may be… Continue Reading

Risk Analysis Symposium – Topics Include “Sponsored Research,” Nanoparticle Risks, and Carcinogen Issues

Posted in Science, Sponsored Research, Undisclosed Financial Relationships

A hat tip to David Zaring at The Conglomerate for this post that covers some interesting ground regarding “risk” issue, including regulatory issues and issues regarding product liability and other tort claims. One part of the post also covers a new book on the safety – or lack of safety – of imports into the… Continue Reading