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Do Biomarkers and Molecular Evidence Matter? New Evidence of Ties Between Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Male Infertility

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Gathering molecular information matters. Consider the information set out in a January 7, 2016  article at that summarizes a new medical journal on “endocrine disrupting chemicals” and  “subfertility, the inability to conceive for a prolonged period.” The summary article explains: “The researchers measured biomarkers of EDC exposure and key fertility parameters in 163 men recruited through… Continue Reading

“Patent Think” Retreats on Discovery of Nature, and Use of Math

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“Patent think” continues to retrench and retrace after SCOTUS’ series of unanimous rulings that ended patents for discovery of laws of nature, and for most applications of math. A cogent summary of the rulings is provided in a July 21, 2015 blog post by John Conley at the Genomics Law Report.  Unlike some never say… Continue Reading

Useless Insurance – Why Do Risk Managers Buy These Policies?

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An April 20, 2015 post at D&O Diary describes policy terms that essentially defeat the purpose of buying D&O coverage. One has to wonder why risk managers buy policies that say:  “No Claims expenses shall be incurred or settlements made, contractual obligations assumed or liability admitted with respect to any claim without the insurer’s written… Continue Reading

Eternit Faces Lawsuits in Columbia for Two Familial Cancers (a Lung Cancer and a Mesothelioma)

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At the IBAS News Archive for January , 015, Laurie Kazan Allen reported that Eternit is now facing asbestos lawsuits in Columbia. The first lawsuit is said to involve  a father dying of lung cancer and then his son dying of mesothelioma; the father worked at an Eternit factory in Columbia.… Continue Reading

Delaware’s Fee Shifting Debate

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Various litigation industry interests are involved in ongoing Delaware law debates about rules for shifting fees for litigation.  Also at stake are the interests of transactional lawyers. Oh yes, companies also may care too, and at least some say they care. Some uber business lobbying groups also say these are critical issues. The diverse interests… Continue Reading

“KrebsOnSecurity Honored for Fraud Reporting”

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One person can make a difference. Brian Krebs has been reporting on cyber fraud for several years, most recently on his always informative and interesting blog on web site security fiascos, among other cyber issues. The blog is Krebs on Security.  Now he’s in prestigious company for his work in exposing fraud. Give the blog a… Continue Reading

Another Cyberheist Law Suit

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An August 13, 2014 post at Krebs on Security provides news – and some legal analysis  from a lawyer – on more cyberheist litigation. Cyber crooks are good for the litigation industry. And, over time, hopefully cybercrime will lead to increased investment in humans, machines and software to actually achieve “secure web sites.”… Continue Reading

The Modern Oxymoron: “Secure Web Site” – Liability to Follow

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“Over a billion email accounts stolen.” The phrase sounds somewhat like the old McDonald’s ads about the number of burgers sold. For now, though, the cyber crooks are not advertising their numbers. Other sources (such as Krebs on Security), however, are revealing the numbers, and they are staggering. They also reveal a modern oxymoron: “Secure… Continue Reading

Class Action Litigation In Europe in the Age of Social Media – The Facebook Example of 11,000 People Expressing a Desire to Join – A Lesson for Class Actions and Mass Tort Bankruptcies

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11,000 persons are said to be seeking to join a class action against Facebook, in Europe. See here. This outcome, if true, provides a concrete example that highlights the risks and due process farces inherent in current handling and distribution of notices and other information (including claim submissions)  related to class actions, and the de facto… Continue Reading

An Excellent Step on the Journey Towards Less Barbaric Bone Marrow Transplants

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Even after much progress since 1968, a bone marrow transplant remains a barbaric procedure in which the immune system is more or less destroyed using chemo and radiation (“conditioning” is the polite term for the barrage of chemo and/or radiation).  The immune system is then rebuilt with transplanted stems cells. Now, it appears some clever… Continue Reading

Chapter 11 Release and Order Did Not Protect Corporate Directors Against Tort and Contribution Claims Arising from Tank Explosions

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Another court has imposed limits on the scope of releases and a chapter 11 order purporting to broadly cover future claims. The new ruling arises after a major explosion of 21 tanks at a fueling facility in Puerto Rico. The explosion resulted in many injuries, and the company filing a chapter 11 petition. The story… Continue Reading

MARF and Dr. Lee Krug Provide a Summary of Mesothelioma Treatment Papers from ASCO 2014

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Today, through the leadership of Mary Hesdorffer and others, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation is about mesothelioma science, and not about recruiting mesothelioma plaintiffs. To that end, a July 7, 2014 post from its blog provides Dr. Lee Krug’s  basic summary of mesothelioma treatment papers from ASCO. Dr. Krug is with Memorial Sloan-Kettering, one of… Continue Reading