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Judicial Messaging: Delaware’s Chief Justice Speaks to a Conference of Directors

Posted in Asbestos, Litigation Industry, Policy Issues, Transparency

Today, a fact of life is that judges are invited to and do speak at conferences that gather persons interested in a topic. Sometimes the judges show up with a message. Thus, this week’s Perrin conference on asbestos litigation included a panel composed of “asbestos judges” from some of the key venues for asbestos litigation.… Continue Reading

Open Access to Courts – Another Example of the Value – Forced to Give Up Data on Claims of Rape and Sexual Assault

Posted in Mass Tort Issues, Transparency

The value of open courtrooms can be immense, as illustrated last year by the Garlock trial and most recently by an article in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, which is the well-respected and venerable local legal newspaper in Chicago. The paper just ran an article providing an overview of about 1,300 rape and sexual assault… Continue Reading

Transparency, GM and the Intersections of Criminal Law and Product Liability

Posted in Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues, Reputation Risk, Science, Transparency

Product liability and criminal penalties may soon come together for General Motors due to the ignition switch issues, according to a May 25, 2015  Wall Street Journal article. Risks continue to increase for companies that choose not to share information with regulators and others. Transparency may become a tool for defense.… Continue Reading