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Asbestos Plaintiff’s Lawyers Ask W.R. Grace Bankruptcy Court to Order that Its Findings – on Solvency – Do Not Matter In any Other Forum

Posted in Apportionment of Fault, Asbestos Bankruptcy, Constitutional Law/Mass Tort Law, Mass Tort Bankruptcy, Transparency in Bankruptcy

The W. R. Grace chapter 11 case has produced a striking motion that highlights the too often bizarre and unconstitutional nature of much that happens in mass tort chapter 11 cases. In their motion, available here [Docket # 22543], the Asbestos Creditors Committee and the Futures Representative ask the bankruptcy court, Judge Judith Fitzgerald, to… Continue Reading

# 1 – Growing Battles Over Techniques and Rules Used on Wall Street, in Tort Trials, and By Government to Shift Financial Obligations for Tort Losses

Posted in Apportionment of Fault, Policy Issues, Shifting Tort Expenses

The tort litigation industry is seeing new battles emerge at the micro and macro level regarding the techniques and rules used on Wall Street, in tort trials, and by government to shift financial responsibility for payments for expenses arising from legitimate and illegitimate tort claimants. The battles are ongoing at both the micro and macro… Continue Reading