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“Signaling concern over industry funding, Congress presses for transparency at groups supporting NIH, CDC”

Posted in Litigation Industry, Sponsored Research
The U.S. could perhaps enter a new chapter in disclosures related to funding of research via NIH and CDC. STAT News explained the possible legislation in a July 2, 2018 article, below. Signaling concern over industry funding, Congress presses for transparency at groups supporting NIH, CDC… Continue Reading

The Sponsored Research Conundrum – The Moderate Drinking Example

Posted in Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Sponsored Research
Sponsored research is needed to answer some questions. This seems especially true in an age in which government budgets are less than abundant, and Congress sometimes blocks research agencies from spending money on certain topics. However, some groups continue to find ways to not succeed with sponsored research. A recent failure occurred with respect to… Continue Reading

Deja Vu All Over Again as to Sponsored Research: Coke Keeps Learning the Lesson that Transparency Matters

Posted in Litigation Industry, Science, Sponsored Research
Some collections of human are slow learners or have other issues. For example, Coke just took yet another public relations hit for lack of transparency when sponsoring health related research, as explained in a November 6, 2015 article in the NY Times. Sponsored research can be a very, very good thing for myriad reasons. Indeed,… Continue Reading

The Intersections of Sponsored Research, Asbestos Litigation and A Blog Known as Retraction Watch

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Retraction Watch. It’s a blog run by two science writers, and one of them is doctor. They look for and write about retractions and changes to articles in scientific journals. The "why" is obvious in some ways and not so obvious in other ways – they explained their mission in their opening post.  Yesterday, Retraction… Continue Reading

New Concussion Class Action Includes a Focus on Medical Advisor Conflicts of Interest

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As we move further and further into an age of massive information sharing, it is logical that "sponsored research" remains a focal point in litigation over alleged or actual physical injuries and disease processes that evolve over time. More specifically, the pressures are growing as to medical advisors and disclosures involved in researching and communicating… Continue Reading

Distorting Science – The Latest Example Of Tobacco Industry Manipulation – UCSF Scientists Unearth and Reanalyze Tobacco Industry Data and Find Manipulation

Posted in Sponsored Research
Good science depends on access to full data. A new study from the University of California at San Francisco highlights the point. In this instance, scientists wondered about the accuracy of peer-reviewed papers purporting to show relatively modest carcinogenic effects from tobacco additives. The earlier paper resulted from a study the tobacco industry called Project… Continue Reading

When Should Law Professors Write or Sign Amicus Briefs – An Essay on That Aspect of the Litigation Industry

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Law professors and amicus briefs are very much a part of the litigation industry. A recent example is here from am amicus brief on ATS issues. Now, here’s this new Opinio Juris post/essay with thoughts from a larger article on when and how law professors should or should not participate in amicus briefs. The post includes… Continue Reading

Update on Data – Practical Advice from Duane Morris on Industry-Sponsored Research – Share Data, Disclose Payments, and Do More

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Update This August 29, 2011 Financial Times article by Andrew Jack  provides an update on big pharma, litigation, disclosures and graphics on disclosed payments to doctors. ____________________________________________________________________ Kudos to two Duane Morris defense lawyers for this  pragmatic, new  National Law Journal article about industry sponsored research. The entire article should be read.  Hopefully you can be… Continue Reading

A Look at the Results of Public Disclosure of Meetings Between Regulators and The Constituency – Data from The Dodd-Frank Example in the US

Posted in Sponsored Research
As trust breaks down, demands increase for disclosure. Accordingly, fascinating things are happening in the US as Dodd-Frank act regulators involved with financial institutions are required to disclose meetings with constituents, such as the regulated entities and "public interest groups."  The Conglomerate blog includes this informative post to provide a primer – and much more… Continue Reading

Sponsored Research – Should Economists and Law Professors Have to Disclose Sponsored Research Payments and Financial Conflicts of Interest

Posted in Sponsored Research
Must economists and law professors disclose financial interests and conflicts of interest when they write ? Common sense says:  of course they must disclose. History, however, shows that myriad economists and some Wall Street denizens fail to recognize or disclose conflicts of interest. An especially biting view is laid out in this wonderful post by… Continue Reading

Scientific Support for Requiring Publication of All Medical Studies Conducted by “Industry”

Posted in Sponsored Research
Medical research often is  "sponsored by industry," for obvious reasons. And, in general, more research is good. There are, however,  said to be "controversies " about whether all medical study information should be required to be publicly published. The topic occasionally  has been covered on this blog under the category of "sponsored research," which is available on the right… Continue Reading

Sponsored Research – Mayo Doctors Report on Bias, Payments and Medical Articles

Posted in Sponsored Research
Sponsored research is a short-hand term for situations in which researchers also receive payments from pharma or other entities.  Lots of positions are taken on the topic, and the area is fraught with arguments about what is "good,"  "right,"  and "practical." The topic has new grist for argument now that ScienceDaily for March 20 brings news of a study from… Continue Reading

Risk Analysis Symposium – Topics Include “Sponsored Research,” Nanoparticle Risks, and Carcinogen Issues

Posted in Science, Sponsored Research, Undisclosed Financial Relationships
A hat tip to David Zaring at The Conglomerate for this post that covers some interesting ground regarding “risk” issue, including regulatory issues and issues regarding product liability and other tort claims. One part of the post also covers a new book on the safety – or lack of safety – of imports into the… Continue Reading

Glaxo, Sponsored Writing and Paxil

Posted in Sponsored Research
This article from the Associated Press in the August 19, 2009 issue of the NYT reports on Glaxo’s program in which “ghostwriters” were hired to assist doctors in writing medical journal articles regarding Paxil. The information provided is rather skimpy in terms of trying to evaluate the scope and influence of the ghost-writing and whether… Continue Reading

Scientific Papers and Clinical Trials – Issues Regarding Insider Knowledge and Disclosures by Researchers

Posted in Science, Sponsored Research
The substance of sponsored medical literature remains a controversial issue. A 2009 article by Mark S. Frankel in the ABA’s SciTech lawyer raises a variant issue. The article is titled “Clinical Trials and the Financial Markets, ” and is online here. The article recounts market knowledge and manipulation issues arising from leaks of information involving… Continue Reading

Asbestos Litigation Data – Navigant Database

Posted in Asbestos litigation, Asbestos Trusts, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues, Sponsored Research
This post follows up on a prior post that described the Manville asbestos trust halting its prior practice of licensing its claims data to third parties for uses such as estimating future claim counts, seeing evidence of claiming trends, and weeding out fraudulent claims. After the original post, I heard two sets of comments through… Continue Reading

Not a Good Week for Pharma – Criminal Law Intersecting with – Maybe – Sponsored Research ?

Posted in Criminal Law and Torts, Policy Issues, Sponsored Research
The loss of the much discussed Wyeth decision has made this a bad week for pharma. It may get worse. A March 4, 2009 NYT article addresses Justice Department plans to prosecute of doctors for taking kickbacks, and states the following: “… But within a few months, officials plan to file civil and criminal charges… Continue Reading

Medical Students Raise Issues Regarding Pharma Payment Disclosures by Physicians

Posted in Policy Issues, Sponsored Research
The March 3, 2009, Wall Street Journal includes an interesting article on medical school students wanting disclosures from physicians regarding payments from and ties to pharma companies. Thus, the article identifies a wrinkle on the general topic of sponsored research and other ties to “industry.” The article provides some interesting views on differing sides of… Continue Reading