How to use microRNA in trials?  My law school education did not cover microRNA, nor did it even cover much about DNA. But today, there’s an ongoing revolution in molecular biology and so it’s back to school time for students of all ages and professions. There’s plenty of new science to learn for lawyers, risk

(Caveat – the following includes shameless self-promotion.)

Asbestos litigation, and asbestos trust issues, are no longer uniquely American issues. To the contrary, asbestos litigation and asbestos trusts are growing rapidly outside the US.

Really ? Yes. Due to soaring mesothelioma rates that will not peak until 2020 or so, asbestos litigation is climbing rapidly across

As posts on this blog reflect, there are in my view enormous issues out there regarding the interplay between asbestos trusts (mainly chapter 11 trusts) and the state court tort system. Happily, asbestos litigation seminars are paying an increasing amount of attention to the issues arising from the two parallel compensation systems. Two upcoming seminars