Over the last couple of years, defense oriented commentators have used the meme “event driven securities litigation” as part of complaining about the increasing volume of class action litigation. From my perspective, there could be merit to some complaints, but the meme is far too broad and all “event driven” cases are not equal. Why?

The ironic saga continues as litigation funders are firmed up for securities suits against Slater & Gordon, a well-known plaintiff’s firm from Australia that used IPO proceeds to expand internationally. The latest update is in a March 23, 2016 article from the Global  Legal Post.  Slater & Gordon’s expansion into the UK  hit a

What happens when financial regulators are trying to look at and regulate the wrong subject? Even more financial fraud? The point is raised by an new article on the various “benchmark manipulation” cases, such as LIBOR.    The thesis is outline in an August 27, 2104 Blue Sky blog post by Andrew Verstein, and the