Over the last couple of years, defense oriented commentators have used the meme “event driven securities litigation” as part of complaining about the increasing volume of class action litigation. From my perspective, there could be merit to some complaints, but the meme is far too broad and all “event driven” cases are not equal. Why?

 Wow – I took  a few days off for spring break with my daughters, and now return to find the US Supreme Court recognizing that product defect information may be important to investors. In this post, SCOTUS blog provided the gist of the story as follows:

"In Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. v. Siracusano, the Court held that a drug

Yesterday’s post was tied to US FAS 5 rules and related disclosures regarding contingent liabilities, such as mass tort claims. As the financial world goes global, there will be change ahead as the International Accounting Standards take control. It will be interesting to watch the evolution from FAS 5 disclosure to isclosures under  IAS 37 .