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“Genomics is Changing Causation Evidence in the Courtroom Forever”

Posted in Asbestos, Cancer, Epigenetics, Litigation Industry, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues, Science
For toxic tort lawyers, a new interview of Gary Marchant provides notable insight into the major changes ahead for the future of toxic tort litigation. Gary’s background is as a Kirkland trained lawyer with a PhD in genetics and a Master’s degree in public policy. Today, Gary thrives in and leads the way in the… Continue Reading

Epignetics and Inflammation – “Cancer Feedback Loop Discovery” – A New Example of Molecular Analysis of Causes of Cancer – Today at AACR

Posted in Cancer, Epigenetics, Science
Molecular science continues to race forward in explaining the processes that generate the various processes we label as cancers. As an example, read the following new press release from the University of Pittsburgh about a presentation on Tuesday April 21, 2015 at the annual AACR meeting. While reading, do not get hung up on the… Continue Reading