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CSR Demerger Effort To Go to the Next Step – Australian Appellate Court Opinion Provides Narrow Guidance on Corporate Asset Divestitures While Facing Significant Asbestos Claiming

Posted in Asbestos, Australia, CSR, Schemes, Securities and Asbestos
Estimates and disclosure of contingent risks are front and center these days in various contexts. Thus, asbestos-specific estimates and disclosures are prominently mentioned in a new  Australian appellate decision in CSR. The opinion was issued at the end of last week, and provides some narrow guidance on solvent schemes of arrangement for companies facing asbestos claiming. A prior post here  describes the trial… Continue Reading

Schemes of Arrangement – CSR’s Demerger Effort Thwarted by Objections Regarding Its Potential Asbestos Obligations

Posted in Asbestos Bankruptcy, Schemes
What a great legal term of art – "scheme of arrangement." The term has multiple but related nuanced meanings and applications because "schemes" are essentially corporate law opportunities to end or alter the business life or structure of a corporation. Depending on the nation and the particular use, schemes may have varying outcomes when used in the diverse ways that… Continue Reading

Long Tail Torts, Insurers, Insureds and Schemes of Arrangement – Scottish Lion

Posted in Insurance Coverage for Tort Claims, Schemes
A scheme of arrangement is a UK term that applies to a variety of legal proceedings, including proceedings in which a solvent insurer seeks to end its operations – for its convenience – and to put an end to the life of insurance policies that pay claims based on an “occurrence.” Occurrence policies have cost… Continue Reading