Monday’s post (12/26) pointed out a variety of product liability, corporate law and compensation issues in the context of one nation (India) and a small group of apparently independent asbestos-cement companies. The point of today’s post is to illustrate macro level complexities that arise due to the cross-border issues that arise from multinationals, globalization and

I keep falling off the “global” side of things. So, this week, I’ll make a special effort to be more global. This week I’m also going to try to focus more on the wide range of issues regarding “future” claims. By future claims, I mean future tort or business to business claims that possibly, likely

Risk managers and lawyes have to think even more about divergent types of fallout from a corporate problems. The point is illustrated by this great post from Kevin LaCroix at D & O Diary. in the post, he airs various non-obvious liability, risk and D & O issues rising from Siemen’s problems with corporate bribery.