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Update – Madoff, Stanford, UBS, Account Holders & Suits Against Advisers in the Referral Chain

Posted in Clawback Claims, Global Tort Choice of Law Issues, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues, Referral Claims
Update: This post updates a Feb. 20 post. The new news is a article regarding a new Madoff-related lawsuit in Florida naming a feeder fund (Tremont) and KPMG as defendants for alleged failures in due diligence and monitoring of investments placed with Madoff. The same article includes links to yet another article on clawback… Continue Reading

Google AdSense Rates – Mesothelioma Dominates the Top Payment Ranks

Posted in Asbestos litigation, Policy Issues, Referral Claims
How valuable are mesothelioma claims to plaintiff’s firms? I can’t tell you for sure but plainly they are much sought. An Internet site purports to list prices paid for clicks through Google’s Adsense that allows bloggers to be paid through ads on their website. The top end of the list is dominated by search terms… Continue Reading