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Scholarly Analysis of The Attributes of Delaware, and Other Outlier Jurisdictions, Including Tax Whore Jurisdictions

Posted in Corporate Social Responsibility, Good Faith & Fair Dealing, Litigation Industry, Policy Issues

When and how do a handful of states or nations take on outsized legal significance through legislation aimed at specific subjects? For example, jurisdictions with legislation focused on corporate law (Delaware) or legislation focused on outlier tax rates (tax whore nations and states, such as Bermuda, Ireland or Florida).  Do the outlier jurisdictions become dominant… Continue Reading

Reputation Risk – Law Reviewers Take on Chevron and Greenwashing

Posted in Corporate Social Responsibility

The age of inter-connectedness and scrutiny is making it harder to control reputation and spin, and business impacts can be severe. Just ask the now bankrupt entities that until recently were happily and profitably "processing" the "pink slime" sold as some form of "meat."  Law reviewers are now taking on larger targets, such as Chevron.… Continue Reading