Interested judges,  lawyers and accused persons actually can work to solve problems, as opposed to simply reaching decisions and meting out sentences. In that vein, the Supreme Court of Illinois has used trial court experience to create some broad rules for the specialty courts.  The rules and process to date are described in a December

Cybercrooks continue to find new ways to steal. One new scam involves stealing  ash card IDs through ATMs at busy hotels. The crooks bribe cash station technicians for access inside a machine, and implant a device that reads the card information and communicates it out through wifi or Blue tooth. Crimeware continues to expand.  No

Representing the State of Florida, Bruce Jacob argued and lost Gideon v. Wainwright. Thereafter criminal defendants had at least some right to defense counsel.

Mr. Jacob is glad he lost, and loved the experience. The story he tells is well worth reading. His telling also brings back memories of the days when lawyers were not

As an alum and a former Champaign-Urbana”townie,” I am delighted to see the University  of Illinois at the front of this new intersection point through a medical school that brings together medical and engineering professionals across multiple disciplines. Bioinformatic engineers, for example,  are a key part of multi-disciplinary teams that are rocking the world these

Like so many of my friends, I’m very, very  tired of corporate America wasting the time of millions of users of computers through buggy software and buggy web site changes.  Indeed, as a small business owner, I consider bad software and bad web sites a FAR greater problem than any government regulation.  The latest example