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Data and Charts: “The Places in America Most Likely to Flood from Rising Sea Levels”

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Regardless of arguments about causation, ocean levels plainly are rising.  A recent article at Pricenomics provides some great data and charts about the cities most at risk. The article is detailed and should be read in its entirety, but here’s a teaser: “We decided to analyze data from Priceonomics customer Gavop, an insurance data and research… Continue Reading

“Blockchain and the Law CLE Now Available On Demand”

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For those interested in blockchain and CLE, an excellent, on demand program from The Center for Law, Science & Innovation at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. _____________________________________ “The Center for Law, Science & Innovation recently hosted a Blockchain Speaker Series that brought together CEOs, legislators, and legal professionals to discuss present and future legal challenges… Continue Reading

Serendipity, Science and A Good Person

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A remarkable feel good story … on Mother’s Day (May 12, 2018) from the Optimist at the WP. It’s also a story of serendipity in science, and how it transformed a medical condition beginning in 1967.  Here’s the headline/teaser: “For six decades, ‘the man with the golden arm’ donated blood — and saved 2.4 million… Continue Reading

Truly Amazing What People Do: Parents, Sheriff and States Attorney Found Liable In Federal Court Trial for Plotting to Take Away a Child

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Truly amazing to read and consider the facts set out in the following article from the March 2, 2018 edition of the Chicago Daily law Bulletin. In view of the newsworthy contents, I’ve pasted the article in full because you have to read it to believe it. “Parents owe $970K to daughter in civil rights… Continue Reading

Striking Pictures of Old Power Plants

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Despite a rather hysterical headline,  this January 2, 2018 Daily Mail article provides interesting pictures of the inside of an old power plant in Georgia. The pictures in the article are from, which has more similar pictures and history for various old locations.… Continue Reading

Applied Science Saving Lives: Airplane Crash Avoidance

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Errors in manufacturing and science sometimes draw lots of lawsuits and negative attention. But great successes also exist, and sometimes are taken for granted. The latter point is highlighted by a recent synopsis of how determined engineers (Don Bateman and friends) and Sundstrand/Honeywell created a system that stopped airplanes from flying into mountains, among other… Continue Reading

Another Long Swim for ALS Research

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ALS, a vicious disease, has hit hard the McConnell family from west suburban Chicago. But they hit back with intelligence and guts aimed at bringing in more money for ALS research. Five years ago, Doug McConnell swam the English Channell, supported by the familial team,  as a fundraiser and personal challenge. Karma appeared and on… Continue Reading

Illinois Supreme Court Provides Big Picture Rules for “Specialty Courts” Aimed at Actual Problem Solving for People With Tough Problems

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Interested judges,  lawyers and accused persons actually can work to solve problems, as opposed to simply reaching decisions and meting out sentences. In that vein, the Supreme Court of Illinois has used trial court experience to create some broad rules for the specialty courts.  The rules and process to date are described in a December 8,… Continue Reading

Losing Gideon v. Wainwright – Or Was that Winning – A Look Back from the Lawyer for the State of Florida

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Representing the State of Florida, Bruce Jacob argued and lost Gideon v. Wainwright. Thereafter criminal defendants had at least some right to defense counsel. Mr. Jacob is glad he lost, and loved the experience. The story he tells is well worth reading. His telling also brings back memories of the days when lawyers were not aided… Continue Reading

More Intersections Between Professionals from Divergent Fields – “U. of I., Carle moving forward with the first engineering-based college of medicine”

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As an alum and a former Champaign-Urbana”townie,” I am delighted to see the University  of Illinois at the front of this new intersection point through a medical school that brings together medical and engineering professionals across multiple disciplines. Bioinformatic engineers, for example,  are a key part of multi-disciplinary teams that are rocking the world these… Continue Reading

Kudos to Crain’s Chicago Business – Lumps of Coal to the Wall Street Journal

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Some (many) businesses make changes to online systems, and produce all kinds of problems for customers. But instead of being upfront, they stonewall their customers, leading to both failed service and wasted time. A recent example of this arises from my online subscription to the Wall Street Journal. After years of working very well, suddenly… Continue Reading

Would Be Lawyers Should Earn Science Degrees – The Seattle Genetics Example

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Young people thinking about law school should consider first earning one or more degrees in science. Proof? See the following  press release regarding the new General Counsel of Seattle Genetics, a great new drug company. One of its accomplishments is Adcetris,  a wonderful new precision drug targeting specific cancers in persons with specific molecular conditions. Note… Continue Reading

A History of Stock Options in Compensation

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One better understands companies when financial drivers are understood. Therefore, my eye was caught by the Blue Sky blog’s link to an article about a history of stock options by a knowledgeable author. The author is Joseph Bachelder, a compensation lawyer at McCarter & English.  The introduction to the article explains: “Stock options have been a… Continue Reading