The Well Private Equity blog post of June 24, 2019 provides an interesting summary of what court’s say about contracts that are possibly for “forever.” It’s well written for a laugh along with substantive guidance; it is titled: “Forever is a Long Time or No Time at All: More Idiosyncrasies of the Common Law of

For those interested in blockchain and CLE, an excellent, on demand program from The Center for Law, Science & Innovation at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law.


“The Center for Law, Science & Innovation recently hosted a Blockchain Speaker Series that brought together CEOs, legislators, and legal professionals to discuss present and

Truly amazing to read and consider the facts set out in the following article from the March 2, 2018 edition of the Chicago Daily law Bulletin. In view of the newsworthy contents, I’ve pasted the article in full because you have to read it to believe it.

“Parents owe $970K to daughter in civil rights