Conflicts of Interest in Mass Torts

Fraud, fraud, fraud. Some days one would think the “f” word is the only word known to some in the insurance industry, and some of their friends. Certainly they’ve used the word a lot in demanding transparency in asbestos trust claiming related to torts. As to transparency in asbestos trust claiming, I whole heartedly agree

A new article from policyholder counsel at Neil Gerber  (Seth Lamden) “offers advice to independent defense counsel (often referred to as “Peppers counsel” in Illinois) on identifying and resolving some of the potential ethical and financial pitfalls that can arise when an insurer conditions payment of legal bills on the attorney’s compliance with billing guidelines.”

Settling mass tort lawsuits is not easy. It’s even harder if conflict of interest rules are followed. The conflict of interest rules are illustrated by a brand new 2d Circuit opinion rejecting a proposed class action settlement in copyright infringement litigation brought by various groups of freelance writers against major publishers. The topic becomes more

Here is an unexpected but interesting non-asbestos example of conflict of interest issues arising from efforts to resolve “mass torts” for various persons around the world. The example arises from the airplane crash and airplane hijacking blamed on Libyan terrorists. The article describes a recently filed lawsuit in which two victims of the crash object