Subrogation claims and liens of various kinds continue to assert a growing influence on mass tort litigation. In a new example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts hired Thornton & Naumes to file subrogation lawsuits against Takeda and Eli Lilly entities to recover expenses arising from the bladder cancers developed by 32 BSBS policyholders after

Are bankruptcy court injunctions enforceable when they cut off personal injury claims and related rights of co-defendants without meaningful prior notice or adequate representation of the interests of the rights holders? Such persons include 1) the physical victim as well as 2) co-defendants also sued by the physical victim, and  3) may include an insurer.

The W. R. Grace chapter 11 case has produced a striking motion that highlights the too often bizarre and unconstitutional nature of much that happens in mass tort chapter 11 cases. In their motion, available here [Docket # 22543], the Asbestos Creditors Committee and the Futures Representative ask the bankruptcy court, Judge Judith Fitzgerald, to

The General Motors chapter 11 asset sale was approved on Sunday night in an opinion that is 50 pages, plus appendices. The opinion is here. A first read of the opinion indicates that Judge Gerber agreed with GM on all material issues regarding freeing GM from liability for tort claims except to the extent

Chinese drywall claims are emerging as a would-be class action issues in the WCI Communities chapter 11 case pending in Delaware. Would be class representatives filed papers seeking permission to present a class proof of claim. WCI has now responded with a brief opposing the class. The opposition is routine in the sense that it