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Conflict of Interests and International Tort Claims for Persons from Many Countries – The Libyan Terrorism Example

Posted in Class Actions/Aggregate Litigation, Conflicts of Interest in Mass Torts, Global Tort Litigation, Mass Accident Cases, Policy Issues, Sovereigns
Here is an unexpected but interesting non-asbestos example of conflict of interest issues arising from efforts to resolve “mass torts” for various persons around the world. The example arises from the airplane crash and airplane hijacking blamed on Libyan terrorists. The article describes a recently filed lawsuit in which two victims of the crash object… Continue Reading

Proposal for National Juries for Mass Tort Cases

Posted in Litigation Industry, Mass Accident Cases, Mass Tort Issues
Here is a late September post presenting a condensed version of a law review article proposing “national juries” for mass tort litigation. The proposal is from Professor Laura Gaston Dooley, a professor at the Valparaiso University Law School. Looking quickly through her CV at the school website, it appears Prof. Dooley clerked for two years… Continue Reading

Forum Non Conveniens in Global Mass Accident Situations – Italian Plane Crash Example

Posted in Forum Non Conveniens, Global Tort Litigation, Mass Accident Cases, Mass Tort Issues
‘Mass accident” cases produce tough issues on applicable law and teh forum for litigation. The 11th Circuit recently issued a per curiam ruling affirming a district court order invoking forum non conveniens principles to cause 69 of 70 air crash lawsuits to be tried in Italy instead of the United States with respect to a… Continue Reading