The economics of litigation continue to receive more attention. For example, an April, 29, 2016 post at CLS Blue Sky Blog brings news of a new litigation economics article by Albert H. Choi, the Albert C. BeVier Research Professor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School, and Kathryn E. Spier, the Domenico de

John Biesner (of Skadden Arps) and the US Chamber of Commerce should be cheering today. Why? Because a litigation funding firm is backing a securities class action against Slater & Gordon, the publicly traded plaintiff’s firm which recently announced massive losses, apparently from lousy due diligence before purchasing a UK firm. The newest

The litigation funding industry continues to expand. The punchline is pasted below; for more specifics, see the full April 27, 2015 article at The Global Legal Post :

“UK SME litigation funder Augusta Ventures has spent a further £3m in cases in the first quarter of 2015. Unlike other funders which focus on a handful

Chicago is now home to the world’s largest litigation funding source. It is Gerchen Keller Capital LLC. which just announced raising  a new fund of $475 million, and that it and adjuncts have an additional $800 million under management.  The new press release is pasted below. For even more color on Gerchen Keller and its

A May 25, 2011 conference in London will bring together true industry leaders and legal thought leaders, including Justice Jackson. The agenda and registration are here for Maximising Opportunities in Litigation Funding.

Justice Jackson authored the leading report for the UK on litigation costs and funding. Background materials are here, as are links to the paper. Panel

Private litigation funder Burford Capital has just raised another $ 175 million to become the world’s largest private investor in litigation. Prior funds were raised through an IPO on AIM, as described here. The new round of funding is described here.  A successful prior Burford investment is described here.

The world of public

Lord Gill’s report on civil justice in Scotland was issued on 30 September. The full report and the synopsis are available here. See below for some key excerpts from the synopsis.

“Multi‐party actions (Chapter 13)

The Report recommends that there should be a special procedure for dealing with multiple claims which give rise to