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Cyberheists, and Government and Private Standards and Investigations

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As the cyberheists continue at Home Depot and JPMorgan, an sort of site exists to sell the stolen credit cards, as detailed by Mr. Krebs. Meanwhile back in the world of law,  articles continue to accelerate regarding litigation risks, including D&O claims regarding a failure to ask questions about and invest in  “secure web sites.”… Continue Reading

The Modern Oxymoron: “Secure Web Site” – Liability to Follow

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“Over a billion email accounts stolen.” The phrase sounds somewhat like the old McDonald’s ads about the number of burgers sold. For now, though, the cyber crooks are not advertising their numbers. Other sources (such as Krebs on Security), however, are revealing the numbers, and they are staggering. They also reveal a modern oxymoron: “Secure… Continue Reading

Cyberheists – Some Victims Obtaining Some Recoveries From Vendors With Inadequate Security

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It appears more and more lawsuits will arise when security failures generate financial losses. A June 14, 2014 post at Krebs on Security reports that a bank’s insurer recently paid $350,000 to settle a case that was set for trial involving alleged security failures at the bank. The plaintiff, a business, had its bank account… Continue Reading