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Litigation Economics: “Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation”

Posted in Contingent Fees, Costs in Litigation, Litigation Funding, Litigation Industry

The economics of litigation continue to receive more attention. For example, an April, 29, 2016 post at CLS Blue Sky Blog brings news of a new litigation economics article by Albert H. Choi, the Albert C. BeVier Research Professor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School, and Kathryn E. Spier, the Domenico de Sole Professor… Continue Reading

Preliminary Report In UK on Possible Changes to Assessment of Costs

Posted in Class Actions/Aggregate Litigation, Costs in Litigation, EU Developments, Global Tort Litigation, Litigation Funding, Mass Tort Issues, Policy Issues

The UK is famous for assessing costs if a case actually goes to judgment. A new look at that topic is underway and is slated to produce a final report by year end 2009. A preliminary draft report has been issued and will be the subject of meetings and comments over the summer. More specifically,… Continue Reading