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Litigation Economics: “Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation”

Posted in Contingent Fees, Costs in Litigation, Litigation Funding, Litigation Industry
The economics of litigation continue to receive more attention. For example, an April, 29, 2016 post at CLS Blue Sky Blog brings news of a new litigation economics article by Albert H. Choi, the Albert C. BeVier Research Professor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School, and Kathryn E. Spier, the Domenico de Sole Professor… Continue Reading

The Business of Patent Claim Litigation – 40% Contingent Fee Held Reasonable and Patent Malpractice Claims Should Be In Federal Court

Posted in Contingent Fees, Patent Claims/Trolls
Here (but subscription required) is a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article regarding an interesting ruling on two aspects of entrepreneurial claiming. The opinion holds that a 40% contingent fee is a reasonable fee for contingent patent fee claims. The case also holds that since patent law claims arise under federal law, the federal courts also… Continue Reading

More from Spain on Contingent Fees, Plus Word on a Spanish Law Website and Blog Regarding Spanish Law Issues

Posted in Contingent Fees, Spanish Law
You may recall this prior post regarding Spain’s high court striking down a statute prohibiting contingent fees. A friend and Spanish law school instructor, Albert Azagra, was kind enough to to provide the following additional specifics on the ruling. I posed the questions and Albert provided the answers, with a caveat that he is not… Continue Reading

Contingency Fees in Europe – Spain’s Supreme Court Allows Contingency Fees and Thus Increases the Pressures on Other Nations

Posted in Contingent Fees, Litigation Funding. Litigation Industry, Propensity to Claim
I’m back to work after enjoying about 10 days of travel in Europe. Each day of the trip revolved around law in one way or the other and provided some great opportinuties for learning It was great to meet new people and exchange ideas and information about legal systems and law around the world. On… Continue Reading