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Cheap, Fast, Self-ordered Blood Testing – Theranos Wins Its First FDA Approval

Posted in Asbestos, Benzene, Cancer, Litigation Industry, Science

The medical and biology revolutions continue. Theranos now has FDA approval for 1 of its battery of blood tests that are cheap, fast and only take 2 drops of blood (you can stick yourself, easily). See this July 2, 2015 article on Bloomberg News. Now that FDA has approved the process, more approvals will follow… Continue Reading

More Deja Vu All Over Again – Benzene Litigation and Insurance Company Arguments

Posted in Asbestos, Benzene, Insurance, Litigation Industry

Yogi Berra probably never dreamed of the number of times his line would reused. In any event, it applies well to insurance companies dancing around coverage issues for benzene litigation, as they’ve done many times in asbestos litigation. HarrisMartin’s Benzene publication provides an example (paywall) in a June 4, 2015 article.  The summary provided in… Continue Reading

Lyondell Claims Benzene Claims are Barred by Prior Chapter 11 Plan and Injunction

Posted in Asbestos Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy, Benzene, Constitutional Law/Mass Tort Law, Litigation Industry

Defendants related to uber-sized Lyondell Chemical are now seeking to use a recent chapter 11 injunction to try to bar claims that benzene caused a blood cancer. The defense motion makes no mention of the chapter 11 proceeding including any “futures representative” type of person acting on behalf of future claimants. The motion also makes… Continue Reading

Harris Martin’s Benzene Conference – Genomics, Other Molecular Biology and Law

Posted in Benzene, Science

Genomics and other aspects of molecular biology will be a primary topic at the December 11 and 12, 2014 Benzene litigation conference hosted by HarrisMartin in New Orleans.   The panels will include Howard Jarvis, who truly is a leader in bringing genomics into toxic tort litigation, as evidenced  by obtaining a recent order for genomic… Continue Reading