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Banks in Australia Face Massive Billion Dollar Class Actions Over Excessive Fees – Litigation Funders Once Again Seem to be Making it Happen

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Courtesy of a friend in Australia, note this  Sydney Morning Herald article  by Adele Ferguson and Michael West on huge new billion dollar class actions against banks in Australia. The class actions arise from excessive bank fees. Litigation  funder IMF Australia, mentioned yesterday in this post,  is once again said to be squarely behind the litigation action.  Maybe… Continue Reading

Litigation Funding Changing The Game to Open Access to Courts in Australia; RAND Litigation Funding Conference on May 20 and 21 in DC Area

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D & O Diary reports on and links to a new NERA study of the rapidly increasing rate of securities class actions in Australia. Of note, a major factor is said to be litigation funding provided by IMF (Australia) Ltd. The IMF firm is contributing one of several excellent speakers at a May 20 and 21 RAND… Continue Reading

RAND’s ICJ Hosting a Great Looking May 2010 Seminar on Litigation Financing

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Following up on the same kind of conference last May, RAND’s Institute for Civil Justice is hosting another great looking seminar with experienced and smart people talking about litigation funding.  The agenda is here;  some excerpts are set out below. It will be interesting to see what new research RAND is going to issue, as is mentioned in the… Continue Reading

“Be Careful What You Wish For In Litigation” – Might that Rule Apply to the Iqbal/Twombly Pleading Standard ?

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At a recent asbestos litigation conference, one of the speakers reminded everyone of the old maxim to  " be careful what you wish for"  in litigation. In that vein, consider the current US legislative battles about the Iqbal/Twombly pleading standard that makes it materially harder for plaintiff’s to allege a complain that withstands a motion… Continue Reading

Major Bankers and Financiers, Litigation and “Litigation Reform”

Posted in 2008-09 Financial Fiascos, Fraud, Litigation "Reform", Litigation Funding. Litigation Industry, Undisclosed Financial Relationships
 With today being a holiday in the US for Dr. King’s birthday, I decided to take a holiday on the usual torts in favor of a little excursis on bankers, litigation and “litigation reform.” The main point? Recent events exemplify why some but not all of the “litigation crises” in the financial sector may be… Continue Reading

The US Chamber of Commerce Does NOT Like Litigation Funding, and Pause to Reflect

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This prior post referred to a then-upcoming seminar and mentioned the question: what does the US Chamber of Commerce think about litigation funding. Thanks to an article today at Pointoflaw, we now know the unsurprising answer is: the Chamber does NOT like litigation funding. Go here for the Chamber’s paper. What’s in the paper? Parts… Continue Reading

New Opinion in Australia on Registrations for Litigation Funding and Class Actions

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Courtesy of Mondaq and Google, I encountered this article from AU law firm Middelton’s regarding a new appellate opinion in Australia on litigation funding. The appellate court opinion arises in the context of funding for a class action. The Middelton’s article kindly included a link to the opinion, which is here. The upshot seems to… Continue Reading

New Litigation Investment Fund Expected to Complete IPO in October – Burford Capital, Ltd.

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The previously-mentioned London asbestos conference included a presentation regarding a new £200 million litigation investment fund that is to come online this fall through an IPO on AIM. The fund seeks to invest in litigation in the US and elsewhere. The presentation seemed to very much surprise some insurance industry personnel attending the conference. Others… Continue Reading

Contingency Fees in Europe – Spain’s Supreme Court Allows Contingency Fees and Thus Increases the Pressures on Other Nations

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I’m back to work after enjoying about 10 days of travel in Europe. Each day of the trip revolved around law in one way or the other and provided some great opportinuties for learning It was great to meet new people and exchange ideas and information about legal systems and law around the world. On… Continue Reading

Tort Litigation Industry – What the the Plaintiff’s Side Is Talking About

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PointofLaw (Walter Olson) has a post here with a link to the online convention brochure for the the American Association for Justice, which is the trade association for the plaintiff’s bar in the US. It’s well worth reading to see what’s ahead. For example, there are entries indicating panels or presentations aimed at increasing sophisticated… Continue Reading